Martins Toy Shop

Martins toy shop was a popular feature of Kingswood High Street for many years. The shop was so popular that in the early 1980’s a second shop was opened on the other side of the High Street. 

The huge interest in the Star Wars films in the 1970’s and 1980’s led to the sale of a wide range of themed memorabilia and toys, including Star Wars action figures. Martins toy shop not only stocked and sold these items, but in 1981was visited by one of the main characters in the films, Darth Vader, 

who was portrayed in the Star Wars film trilogy by the local actor David Prowse.  

Kingswood Heritage Museum has unearthed two photographs of Darth Vader’s visit to Martins toy shop, and would like to hear from anyone who may know more about this event, and Martins toy shop itself. If you would like to pass on your memories please contact the Museum on 0117 960 5664 or by email at: