Kings’ Forest praised 

 KINGS’ Forest primary school has maintained its “Good” rating following an Ofsted inspection. 

Inspectors praised the range of extra-curricular activities on offer and the support given to SEND children. 

Teachers were seen to be knowledgable and passionate with high morale. The Ofsted report said: “Leaders have created a culture where staff feel well supported to achieve excellent outcomes for pupils in their care.” 

The school of 430 children was previously inspected in 2016, and Ofsted’s visit in March was an “ungraded” one, meaning it raised no concerns about the school that would trigger a full inspection. 

The Ofsted report said: “Pupils at Kings Forest enjoy an education that enables them to be creative, curious and confident. Parents value the effort that staff make to develop their children’s learning. 

“Pupils are polite, caring and support each other well. In lessons, pupils listen respectfully and encourage each other to learn well. They value their education. 

“Pupils talk eagerly about the opportunities they have to develop their personal interests and talents. They develop their confidence through acting and singing in polished performances. Pupils are also keen athletes and know how exercise and diet help to keep them healthy.” 

Inspectors raised the need for improvements to measuring gaps in pupils’ knowledge. The report said: “Learning is not always as well matched to pupils’ starting points as it could be. This restricts the depth of knowledge that pupils develop in some subjects.”