Labour retains Kingswood council seat

(Above) Julie Snelling with Bristol North East MP Damien Egan

Labour celebrated another election victory on July 4 when a new councillor for Kingswood was voted in.

A council by-election was held on the same day as the national poll following the resignation of Leigh Ingham, who had been elected as one of two South Gloucestershire councillors for the ward in May 2023.

Ms Ingham left South Glos, where she was a cabinet member,  to stand – successfully – for election to Parliament as Labour MP for Stafford. 

Her replacement will be Julie Snelling, who was for many years a caseworker for Roger Berry, who was Labour MP for Kingswood from 1992-2010. 

Ms Snelling received 1,911 votes, 1119 more than her closest rival, Conservative Gagan Singh.

The other Kingswood Labour councillor, Sean Rhodes, replaced Ms Ingham in the council’s cabinet.

Julie Snelling (Labour) 1911

Gagan Singh (Conservative) 792

James Corrigan (Lib Dem) 590

Amy Sage (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) 178