‘Happy family’ school

 BARRS Court primary school has maintained its “Good” rating following an Ofsted inspection. 

The 280 children at the school in Stephen’s Drive were seen to enjoy coming to school, where they were greeted by cheerful staff upon arrival. 

Inspectors noted that pupils felt like part of a school family and felt safe at school, with their parents in agreement. 

The school was praised for how it dealt with bullying, resolving issues and making it clear to children how to report incidents. 

The Ofsted report said: “Pupils work hard in lessons and always behave well. They hold the door open for each other and welcome visitors to their school proudly. The clear school rules support pupils to behave extremely well. 

“Older pupils rush to the library at breaktimes to read and borrow books. Pupils are curious and welcome questions that stimulate thinking. 

“They learn to work together effectively at an early age. This helps them to respect each other’s views and learn collaboratively.” 

Staff were said to be proud to work at Barrs Court, and enjoyed the support from school leaders to manage their workload. 

The inspector said: “They value the family feel of the school and support each other willingly.” 

The report advised the school it could improve by introducing effective assessment in all school subjects, to enable teachers to reduce gaps in pupils’ knowledge. 

Headteacher Daniel Webster said: “We are all very proud of our recent Ofsted report. It is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our incredible staff, the boundless enthusiasm of our students, and the support of our parents and community. Together, we have created an environment that nurtures growth, inspires excellence and