Working together in the wake of knife tragedies

POLICE, local authorities and community organisations have reassured residents that they are working together in the wake of recent knife tragedies.

Three teenagers and a 30-year-old man have been killed in Bristol in the first months of 2024 and others have been seriously injured. This follows the death of 16-year-old Mikey Roynon, from Kingswood, who was stabbed at a birthday party last summer.

Police and South Gloucestershire Council leaders wrote to parents last month to say they were taking steps both to get knives off the streets  and to tackle the root causes of serious violence.   

Workshops in schools are telling young people about the devastating  consequences of knife crime and the risks of carrying a weapon. 

Knife surrender bins have been placed outside Kingswood and Staple Hill police stations and bleed kits are being installed alongside defibrillators across the area.

Mikey’s family and friends have been active in training people to use the kits and their efforts have been praised by police.